Friday, February 15, 2008

What's New?

Well Kaylie has discovered her toes. Ryan discovered them a few weeks ago. He can even get them in his mouth! Man to be that flexible again. Kaylie has tried, but not yet. Now Mommy can't keep anyone's socks on anymore!
Ryan can sit on his own and has been since mid January. Unfortunately he HATES tummy-time and really doesn't have much upper arm strength. So as soon as he tries to reach to the side or too far forward, he does a faceplant. Sometimes he finds this hysterical and other times not so much! LOL. We really are working on the tummy time but it's slow going. He has only rolled over twice in his life. At the 9 month check-up I will be asking the Dr. about this to see if we may need some Early Intervention evaluations. Kaylie rolls a lot but has yet to do a double roll. During her tummy time, she is doing 360's. So I'm thinking scooting might not be far behind. She also recently cut 2 teeth and did it without being cranky. I was surprised to find the first tooth on the 4th and then one right next to it this week. Very exciting stuff. Okay gotta go feed babies...

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Love your blog! keep up the good work.