Saturday, November 20, 2010


Halloween. Seems like a long time ago now. There they are a pirate and Sleeping Beauty. The kids had a parade at school and they sang a few Halloween songs. Kaylie just stood there and didn't sing. Ryan didn't sing either but he did do a few hand motions.

On Halloween we carved pumpkins. Kaylie wanted a ghost pumpkin and Ryan went with the more traditional jack-o-lantern directing me to cut circle eyes, a triangle nose, and mouth. Daddy carved the ghost pumpkin using his Dremel and template.

They liked scooping out the seeds. We roasted them in the oven and enjoyed them for snack.
Here are the finished pumpkins.
Our family pic for Halloween. We have one every year sitting in the same spot.

Waiting to go get the loot....

Ryan enjoyed ringing the doorbells and was actually disappointed if the people were sitting outside waiting to give the candy out. In our neighborhood we have a lot of houses and it kids from all over our town come to our neighborhood because the houses are close together so we get nearly 500 kids, maybe more. It's best to just sit and wait for the kids instead of hearing your doorbell ring a million times. Kaylie was loving it too, but could care less if she was the one to ring the bell or not.

Pop-Pop came to help man the door while we were out trick-or-treating. He got into the Halloween spirit with a grim reaper outfit. The kids also loved helping to hand out candy to their "customers" as they called the trick or treaters. A lot of candy was consumed by these two that night, thankfully no one threw up!

Just a fall fun picture!