Friday, October 23, 2009

Pictures! Pictures!

Some pictures of things we have done this month.

Painting pumpkins on a really windy day= an activity that did not last long at all! And using washable paint means that the rain will wash it off too.

Princess in training-- although I think her training phase is complete! :)

I took out this old floor mat I used to have around when they were rolling and cruising around. They loved it! They loved pulling the pieces out and putting them back in. It was a new found toy.

Crib visit by Kaylie. She loves when I let her put all the stuffed animals they own in Ryan's crib. Ryan not so much. He was like, "What are you doing to MY crib?"
Picking pinecones in our backyard. Yeah, this was a mess. Who would have thought? Turns out the pinecones were sticky, sticky, sticky! BTW, baby oil helps get it off of skin and hand sanitizer helped get it out of their fleece jackets. Some good tips to remember there!

We've been going to the library for story time. They have it two days a week and have been making crafts. This made me realize that we need more practice using glue. I suppose learning to cut with (VERY DULL) scissors is in the near future for them too. Ryan has a hard time sitting at story time and this story time is interspersed with songs and movement too. It's not like they have to sit the whole time. He would rather wander around. Thankfully it is an enclosed room. We are working on it. Some days are better than others. Kaylie is the shyest girl you have ever seen. She takes a long time to warm up. I'm actually beginning to worry about what she will be like when it is time to leave me for preschool. It will just break my heart.
Mommy has gotten brave and started taking them to playgrounds that aren't fenced in! Can you believe it? The ones we have gone to have been very far from the road and lots of space to run around and next to no one there. That helps a lot! They pretty much just climb the play structure anyway. Now getting them back in the car when it is time to go is another whole issue.
In one of my posts I was hoping to take them on the carousel myself. Well, I did that too! No pictures of it but I did it and it went just fine. They did give me a frequent carousel rider card so I guess that means I have to do it again.
Well that's all I can think of for now. Looking forward to Halloween.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Picking

A few weeks ago, (yes it's been that long...I am sadly losing steam with this blogging thing) we took Ryan & Kaylie to Burjan's Farm for pumpkin picking. It has become a tradition now. They have gone for the last 3 years. This year they enjoyed their first hayride and got to pick their very own pumpkin. They enjoyed the toddler maze and sitting on the old tractor. It was a great day to go and I am glad we decided to go when we did, because we have been having horrible weather here.

Looking at all the pre-picked pumpkins.

On the old time tractor

In the toddler maze

On the hayride

Kaylie with Mommy

Ryan protected by his older cousin.

Oh, ok I'll slide over here.

In the patch, they kept tripping over all the vines. Every few steps, Ryan especially, was down and crying. Oh joy!

Back with the pumpkins. (They got 3 little ones. They had to be able to carry them.)

Here we are in 2007


This year....and still no one looks or smiles.