Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!
May your new year be filled with good health and happiness!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Preparations

Christmas preparations were going on all month. Here's a rundown.

***Cookies with Santa at Grandma's work. They have Santa there and many crafts and games for the kids to do. They had a good time. No pics of Santa though. They had one taken with him but I haven't gotten it yet.

***Decorated the house and tree...check!

***Decorated our gingerbread village...check!

Next year I'm sticking with ONE house. This was a royal pain to build because they were miniature and not to mention the icing was terrible. They had fun anyway and that's the point.

***Put up exterior illumination...check! (Bob's job.)

***Went for a drive to look at lights...check!

Here'e the crazy house I talked about last year too. Still going strong. I found another house with about 40 blow ups all over their yard. No good pics though. I love riding around looking at lights.

***Baked cookies...check! No pics but a lot baking was done here.

***A thrilling visit with Santa...check!

Ryan asked for cars and trucks and Kaylie said princesses. No smiles for the camera however.
Again, I paid for this picture!! I think they were a bit confused and wondering who this guy was. We had gone to one mall to see Santa but the camera wasn't working. We waited an hour and then left. They were so excited to go too. The poor kids were let down. The lady there was rude and I wasn't thrilled with that Santa anyway. He had a shorter beard and was wearing a bluetooth!!! Ok I know it was before they were technically open but still. So then we went to another mall for pictures for our card and I took them to see this Santa. They were wondering why there was more than one Santa. I just told them they were helper Santas that go and tell the real Santa what they want. The web we weave.

Now just awaiting the excitement Christmas morning brings. I can't wait. They are super exciteed. They are even "playing Christmas." This means pretending to be sleeping and then they get up and find presents. The presents are just boxes they took from my wrapping stuff and put random stuff in. Of course we aren't focused on gifts, they are well aware that Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus. They had a little celebration at school and I was providing the tablecloth, cups, napkins, and plates so we had to go buy them for the party. Kaylie asked if Baby Jesus was going to be at the party. :)

***Sorry for the spacing on this post. Blogger is a pain sometimes. ***

Monday, December 6, 2010

Move over Stripe....Meet Bee-Bee

For a few months now, Ryan has become attached to this football.

He calls it Bee-Bee--that's the phonetic spelling, I'm not sure of the true spelling Ryan has decided on. (Wink) I suppose it could be B.B., BB, Be-Be, or maybe B-B.
I'm not sure how the love affair began or even when although I feel it was shortly after our summer vacation in August. I received this football at one of my baby showers when I was pregnant. Well technically at one of my showers I wasn't pregnant but I digress. I'm usually good about remembering who gives me things but I cannot remember who gave it to us. You just never know what they will get attached to.

If you remember he has a striped blanket, oddly enough called, Stripe, that used to be his lovey. Now Stripe just stays in bed and has to be draped over his pillow (that the does not use BTW) every night. Every now and then Stripe makes an appearance but Bee-Bee is IN. He hugs Bee-Bee and kisses and loves to rub it on his face. If he gets a boo-boo he rubs the football on his injury. If he is scared or worried he goes and gets Bee-Bee and nestles his head into it. Bee-Bee gets tossed A LOT. We've had a few near misses with it landing in the sink and it has been responsible for knocking a shelf off the wall. It is constantly being lost in the house. Ryan has allowed it to get washed. Thankfully Ty is a smart company and made a machine washable product although Bee-Bee is definitely showing wear and tear. Like Stripe, I find myself referring to it as a "him." It's adorable to see how much love he has for this thing. The other day we were listing who was in our family and Ryan added Bee-Bee to the list. See, it's so stinkin' cute.

***If interested in reading about Stripe, it can be found in the March 2010 archive. I for whatever reason have forgotten/don't know HTML programming/can't do etc. how to make the word into a link. I've done it before but can't now. A case of use it or lose it. Sorry!

Happy Thanksgiving

The kids had a Thanksgiving program at school. They sang a few songs for the audience. Well, my kids didn't sing. I thought they were going to because they were singing one of the songs at home. Oh well, we'll see what happens at the Christmas show.

The show was followed by a feast.

On Thanksgiving Day we stopped at Grandma & Pop-Pop's house to have a bit of their Thanksgiving feast and then headed over to Aunt Amy's house to eat again. Thankfully the meals were hours apart.