Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my favorite boy & girl in the whole world!
I'm so glad you are mine.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

On Being 3

Tomorrow Ryan & Kaylie will be turning 3! I seriously cannot believe it. I don't know where the time goes. They are a lot of fun now. I love the conversations most. Maybe because it took so long for them to speak and I can't believe about a year ago I was worried about it. Now I just worry because they don't use the language to speak to other people who are not family. They don't speak much when we are out-especially Miss K. They play better independently and with each other too. I am liking this age but also find it a challenge. I think the challenge mostly lies with their fight for independence--wanting to do things/having an opinion. In Kaylie's case, only wear/eat certain things and there is no budging on said independence. At times during the day they want to do things. I know it's just easier for me to do something and it will be the quickest way--but I find I have a hard time waiting for them to try to do something and then waiting AGAIN because the other one wants to do the same thing--could be anything such as putting caps back on the milk container, pressing the garage door buttons, you name it. It just doubly slows me down. My patience wears thin. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy they want to do it and they should but for my personality it's not a good mesh. Something I think I get from my father. (Hi Dad!)

Anyway, what are they up to...


Loves the outdoors and anything to do with that. He has grown an interest in cars & trucks. He loves the Disney movie Cars. He still loves to listen to music and watch TV. Max & Ruby is a favorite and he often pretends/acts out what he sees. One day he was pushing his shopping cart with K and said they missed the bus and had to check the schedule. For a second I was like, "How does he know that word and that buses run on schedules?" and then it hit me that he had seen that on the show. He's done other things that amaze me and I think, "Where did he learn that?" It's amazing what sponges they are. I DO have a smart kid--he knows how to count to 20 and his letters and colors. He has a great memory. He loves to read books about cars and trucks and the book "Quarterboy" (known to you as Corduroy) is a favorite.

He of course still has "his friend" Stripe and now tells us if Stripe is hot/cold or tired. It cracks me up. Oh I should probably tell you that I love Ebay. I found a back up Stripe on there. It came on a day where I had to make Stripe "all fresh & clean" so I made the transition to give the new one a little wear & tear and he didn't notice. Hee-Hee. Just recently he has started singing--I don't know if it was because of the lack of speech or not but my kids never would sing with me. They would supply a word here or there at the end of a sentence but not join in and sing it. Ryan does have a bit of a temper and screams as soon as he is mad. We're working on that. He has some quirks--like repeatedly pushing buttons/switches/opening/closing doors (he gets this from his father-wants to know how things work) and having to do the same routines when going to nap/sleep. You can't skip any part of the LONG process. He can be a bit stubborn too (I'll admit he probably gets this from me.) He is not easily convinced to do something you need him to do--like get dressed, go to the table to eat, pick up the mess, etc. This tires Mommy out. Ryan loves hugs and kisses--although he just tilts his forehead toward you for kisses but just last week wanted to use his lips so we are progressing. He loves his Mommy and I love him.

Kaylie is a true toddler--although maybe we are a bit beyond that word now. She loves to drive me crazy with her schizophrenic behavior. Says she wants one thing one minute and the next it's something else and the tantrum goes right along with it. Phew...look out...she can throw a tantrum along with the best of them. And she DOESN'T GIVE UP.

So in the next minute after she is throwing the tantrum, she is asking for me to sit with her and read or play princesses. She enjoys MY one-on-one attention and frequently tells Ryan, "This is MY mommy." Of course I follow that up with how I am both of their mommies and I love them BOTH the same. When she is not being Feisty, she is a great little girl.

She loves princesses and anything art related. Her imagination is in full swing. I love listening to them pretend. Pink is her favorite color. She is a pretty picky eater now. She still loves books and doing puzzles. Kaylie enjoys helping me garden. She can also count to about 12 with accuracy, knows her letters, colors, and just amazes me with what she knows. She always makes connections with things. She definitely is a watcher and takes in what is going on around her.

She has lost almost all her hair now. I would say 10% or less remains. We are trying a cream called Drithro-Scalp but I don't see anything happening and it's been a month now. I know it is making her itch her scalp and as a result she has some scabs here and there. Poor girl. Yet, she doesn't even know she looks different and says she looks pretty whenever she has a dress on--which is EVERY DAY. She refuses to wear anything else and I'm not sure why I bothered buying a wardrobe that includes shorts. Let's not forget all the cute hats I have bought for her and she only will wear this one white baseball cap with a butterfly on it. I think I got it for $1.99 when she was an infant. Just another aspect of her strong personality.

I don't think people believe me when I say she is different at home. When we are places she is quiet and won't ever respond to someone talking to her. She refuses to make eye contact even. I really worry for when preschool starts in September. I know there will be tears and screaming and maybe even phone calls to come pick her up early. I think it is going to be THAT brutal. I am hoping that Ryan being there will help. I don't think she likes to have the spotlight on her but at home you wouldn't know that. At home, she is the leader. She can be loud, demanding, and is always telling Ryan what to do. Of course she has her sweet and nurturing moments as well and they make up for all the feistiness. Kaylie is my little girl and I love her to the moon and back!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Thank You

A little late with this....okay A LOT late

On April 26th, I took part in the March of Dimes Walk for Babies. I raised $900, surpassing my goal of $500. It was a rainy and cold day. Thankfully they shortened the walk. Here I am attempting to show off my new MOD t-shirt. Thank you to all my friends and family who donated to this important organization.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


yeah, a month Easter write up....

Here are some pictures from Easter. The night before they left out their baskets and a carrot. They woke to find their baskets filled and the carrot mostly eaten. They looked through their basket (while eating a marshmallow Peep) and then they said, "Thank you Easter Bunny!" out the front door. This is a tradition in Bob's family so we are continuing it. The video below shows them doing this with some prompting.

We hosted Easter at our house and had our annual egg hunt outside. It was a pretty warm day here, hovering at or near 83 degrees--very unusual weather for this time of year. Ryan needed to change into a short sleeved shirt. They liked looking for eggs. Ryan didn't get the concept that he should find as many as he could in as little time as possible. He would find an egg and immediately open it and then move on to the next. I'm guessing next year will be different.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We won!

Thank you for the votes...we WON the photo session! Of course you will all get to see the pictures when they are done.