Thursday, May 6, 2010


yeah, a month Easter write up....

Here are some pictures from Easter. The night before they left out their baskets and a carrot. They woke to find their baskets filled and the carrot mostly eaten. They looked through their basket (while eating a marshmallow Peep) and then they said, "Thank you Easter Bunny!" out the front door. This is a tradition in Bob's family so we are continuing it. The video below shows them doing this with some prompting.

We hosted Easter at our house and had our annual egg hunt outside. It was a pretty warm day here, hovering at or near 83 degrees--very unusual weather for this time of year. Ryan needed to change into a short sleeved shirt. They liked looking for eggs. Ryan didn't get the concept that he should find as many as he could in as little time as possible. He would find an egg and immediately open it and then move on to the next. I'm guessing next year will be different.

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