Friday, June 18, 2010

Miss Teddy & Pink Blanket

I did a post on Ryan's blanket, so I wanted to do a post on Kaylie's objects of attachment. She is no where near as attached to Miss Teddy and Pink Blanket as Ryan is to Stripe, but I think it would be a problem if they both weren't there at bedtime. Miss Teddy and Pink Blanket usually spend the day in the bed and only are brought downstairs when we read stories before going up to bed at night. Kaylie tends to bring something new into her bed every night. She sleeps with some random puzzle pieces, princesses, small toys, stickers., etc.....whatever strikes her fancy at that moment. She isn't showing the same attachment that Ryan does with having to have Stripe in sight most of the day, but still she snuggles with these two things each night.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The 3rd Birthday

On their actual birthday, we took a day trip to Grandma & Pop-Pop's beach house. They spent the day splashing in the small pool, walking up to the beach, and celebrating with a cake. Kaylie was not into the cake because she wanted a Princess Castle cake. I kept telling her she was getting one at her party the following weekend. I think they enjoyed their day anyway.

Here they are on their actual birthday
The following weekend we had their party. It was Cars and Princess themed. Gotta love a clash of themes. I made Kaylie this Princess Castle cake she HAD TO have. Her cousin had one at her party a few weeks prior and her mind was set on that cake. Since Ryan does not like cake (what kid doesn't like cake or ice cream for that matter?!?!?!) I made him a sugar (he doesn't like chocolate either--weirdo!) cookie "cake" with a Lightning McQueen design. Here are a few pics of that.
Sitting at the dividing line of a decorated table for each theme. Kaylie wouldn't let go of her princess balloon. This was the first year they could blow out their candles.
Here they are opening some presents. They got lots of clothes, princesses, Buzz Lightyear, backpacks for school, beach totes and towels embroidered with their names, and money to be used for college savings. They also had a ball playing with their cousins in the sprinkler and slip and slide (although that popped pretty quickly and that was the end of that).

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Kid Beds

Last week, June 8th to be exact, we made the switch to big kid beds. They were more than ready and many people couldn't believe they were still in cribs at age 3. Never once did they try to climb out. If they had, I would have switched at that point but I just thought it was time--especially with being fully potty trained now. They need access to the bathroom if needed. Ryan was perfectly content in his crib and actually said he wanted to sleep in his crib and whimpered a bit while falling asleep for his first naptime in the bed and the first night he slept in the bed. The first few days they woke earlier than usual, but they have since gotten back on track. They also stay in their beds in the morning until I come get them. We'll see how long this lasts. I was worried about them wandering around or worse being woken up with one of them standing directly in front of my face.

Here they are the morning of the last night they slept in their cribs.

Now we are on to redecorating their rooms. Ryan's walls have been painted light and dark blue, but the trim still needs to be painted and he needs furniture. Kaylie will finally get her "girly" room. Her crib was just transplanted into our blue guest room when the two of them couldn't be in the same room anymore. She hasn't had a room to call her own, so she will get it now. We plan to paint it pink of course, put up wainscoting and crown moulding, and order her white furniture. Here are the comforter sets.

Kaylie refuses to get under the covers. I don't know how to get her to sleep under them. She won't even let me pull them down to sleep on the sheet! Oh and I have been busy painting their name in letters to match their bedding. Of course I'll show you pics when the job is completed...with Bob working on it, it could take awhile. No such thing as just painting a room in this must turn into a project.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

View Our Pictures

If you remember we won the free photo session a few weeks ago. We had our photo shoot on the beach about 2 weeks ago. Our gallery is now up for viewing. Just wanted to share the beautiful pictures.;

The password is Beach (case sensitive)