Friday, January 30, 2009

Pics of the Week

Having a little music time with our new clackers. Notice the sticker on Kaylie's shirt--her latest obsession.

Kaylie being a girl. Although to be fair, I do have a picture of Ryan doing the same.

Ryan being a boy. Kaylie attempted climbing but just couldn't get herself up--YET!

Couch time

Pillow forts

Kaylie being...well a toddler who refused to take her hood off to eat.

Kaylie asking, "Is it spring yet?!?!?!"

Monday, January 26, 2009

I Did It!

First of all, Ryan & Kaylie are all better but Mommy & Daddy seem to be fighting off a cold now. Thank you for your get well wishes.

Second, I took the kids to the library by myself for baby storytime. I've been trying to do it for the past 2 weeks but we've been sick. It went really well and totally different than what I had envisioned. I envisioned them running around tearing books off the shelves in the children's section, tantrums, and maybe even some escaping from the section--just utter chaos. Well, they hold the baby storytime in an enclosed room (looked like it could be used for conferences or something) so that was one Phew off my list. I knew they wouldn't be running off and out of the section and no books to throw off shelves. It was held in the lower level of the library which means we don't need to climb stairs or use the elevator to get into the library. I won't need to use the stroller to get bring them in. Next time, I am going to attempt to hold their hands going into the library or maybe test out the backpack harnesses. We'll see.

The story time was great. It is only a half hour and in that time the librarian (who is pregnant with twins BTW) read three short books interspersed with songs/fingerplays. After, the kids got to play with balls, stacking cups, and some musical instruments and socialize with other kids. Best of all, it was free and got us out of the house. That's where we'll be every Monday!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Poor Little Guy

I took Ryan to the doctor today. He has an ear infection and a bronchial infection. I feel so bad for him. This is his first illness requiring medicine, well I guess you can count the NICU staph infection as one too, but IN MY care. So he is on zithromax and I hope it does the trick. He was not himself this morning at all which prompted me to call the doctor. My poor little guy.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Ever feel like this????
I've been M.I.A. haven't I? Truthfully, I don't have much to say these days. I have a case of the winter doldrums I suppose. The kids have had a cold for almost 2 weeks now. In that time, I haven't been getting a full night's rest, with last night being the worst night since they were newborns. They both tag-teamed being up at night. Ryan is also cutting molars and eye teeth at the same time, so you can only imagine the amount of whining going on. It's also been pretty cold here and we have been cooped up for too long. I seriously need spring to get here FAST!

So what's been happening? Not too much, although Kaylie said her first word this week (aside from Da-da) and that was UP. We are seriously lagging in the language department but they understand everything you say, point to/identify things in books, and follow commands. I'm confident we will get there, but I'll admit my patience is waning. For some reason they refuse to say Mommy/Ma-Ma or any form of it. I just want to be called Mommy once!

They have begun to use utensils and plates, and I am in the market for booster seats. (Sigh) They really are growing up. Someone stop the clock please!!

Here are some recent pics. I haven't even been good at doing that.
Just for my own record keeping:
Kaylie: says Da-da, and up... makes animal noises. Current Nicknames: K-Girl, Little G (Girl), Little GG, Kaylie the Destroyer

Ryan: says Da-da, up, hi, bye, no, this, signs more, and makes animal noises. Current Nicknames: Little G (Guy), Bubsy Wubsy
Teeth: working on 14 (I think)

Current Favorites: Running to greet daddy as he comes home from work, jumping on the couch, touching the stove/oven, ring around the rosy, and Ryan has begun to build on to towers.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Weekend Recap-- A Little Late

We had a quiet New Year's here. They are my favorite kind anyway. We had a nice filet mignon dinner, some champange, and just hung out-- of course after the kids went to bed. Poor Bob had to grill in the coldest/windiest weather. I only made it to 11 so we toasted the new year early. New Year's day we had dinner at Bob's grandparent's house.

We took down all the holiday decorations and packed them away. Kind of sad, but I'm happy to have some space back.

Ryan & Kaylie went to their friend, Taylor's, 2nd birthday party. They had a blast despite having the start of colds. :( Tis the season. We were so amazed at how well they sat and ate pizza (well the crust anyway. ) They had ice cream for the first time. Well, they have had tastes here and there but none that was their own. Kaylie devoured hers. Ryan was a little hesitant and didn't eat as much.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008 in Pictures

I saw this idea on a few different blogs. They say copying is the best form of flattery. :)

Here is 2008 in pictures (& captions because I can't resist).

Our last month with Grandma helping out. What was I to do???

Ryan's love affair with rings started.

Kaylie hanging out--not mobile yet.

MARCH In March we began to get mobile--scooting around.
APRIL Finally got out to enjoy the spring.

Turned one!!
JUNE Trip to the beachFirst haircut for Ryan.

In July it was summer lovin' & celebrated Ryan's walking milestone.

Had our first family vacation.

Enjoying the last few nice days of fall.

Celebrated Halloween and Kaylie walking.

Maintaining our sanity as the cold weather struck.


New discovery of getting up on the couch & the holidays.

ETA (edited to add) : not sure why some of the font got large--didn't appear that way when I typed it. Oh well--this has taken long enough!!