Friday, January 30, 2009

Pics of the Week

Having a little music time with our new clackers. Notice the sticker on Kaylie's shirt--her latest obsession.

Kaylie being a girl. Although to be fair, I do have a picture of Ryan doing the same.

Ryan being a boy. Kaylie attempted climbing but just couldn't get herself up--YET!

Couch time

Pillow forts

Kaylie being...well a toddler who refused to take her hood off to eat.

Kaylie asking, "Is it spring yet?!?!?!"


Linda said...

Love the sunglasses, love the fort....and is that a double stroller????

Becky said...

I hear ya kaylie! Love the pics!

cat said...

Why is it that no push toy that boys have quite measures up to a doll pram. I swear the boys maybe like it even more than the girls.