Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy 11 Months!

One more month to go kiddos!

and now we do this during the picture taking! LOL

last month

Monday, April 28, 2008

Project Basement

We have started Project Basement....we have BIG plans for it. Right now our basement is what some might call finished--tiled floor, sheetrocked, drop ceiling, and flourescent lighting. In that sense, yes it is finished. However, the tile & lighting does not make for a cozy environment and our plans include making part of the basement a playroom for the kids. So you are probably thinking, "Just lay carpet." No, no we can't just do a simple job like that. We have to think BIG. Feeling the pinch of raising twins in a 3 bedroom house with no attic storage is causing us to think about how to really utilize storage space. Twins create a lot of stuff!

Our plans include laying tile in the storage room (currently has concrete floor) and installing shelving. In the larger area: lay carpet, put new base moulding on, sheetrock the ceiling & install recessed lighting, build a half wall around a column, and possibly make some doors into pocket doors. Any bets on how long this project will take? Bob is doing it, but he has a full time job which has nothing to do with carpentry. He is handy and has sheetrocked walls and done well. He is by no means a fast worker. He meticulously plans out everything that needs to get done. My worry is that this project just keeps snowballing. Putting up crown moulding was even mentioned. I'm beginning to think the kids will be 5 before they get to enjoy their playroom. We'll see.

The basement has three parts--a utility room, storage room and then the larger area of space. This weekend, Bob took out the closet that was in the storage room to make more space we can utilize.

Closet being ripped out.

That required moving out all of the "stuff" that was in the room. We have A LOT of stuff and of course discussed which one of us has the most stuff down there. I win! I was a teacher before becoming a mom, so I have TONS of teaching things that I may need. Afterall, all that stuff was once in a classroom. It's not my fault teaching is the only profession where you need to buy stuff to do your job. Is it? (Sorry for the overuse of the word stuff.)

And I also admit to having some boxes of "childhood memories." I really need to let go and purge it all. We got a dumpster delivered today, so I am hoping that will be incentive to go through some of my accumulations and simplify. Where I'm going to find the time to do so, still remains. I'm a little embarrassed to show these pics, but this is all the stuff we have down there. Keep in mind most of it (everything you see behind the elliptical, if you can even see that! HA!) was in another room you can't see at the moment.

I hope to keep you all updated on the progress. It should be fun watching it come together. If you got this far, thanks for reading!! :-)


9 comments left on my "A New Look" post! That is a record. Thank you all for your lovely compliments on the new design.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A New Look

Yes, you are at the right page. Looks a little different doesn't it? I guess you can call it a little spring cleaning or errrr..maybe experimenting. Do you like it? I admit, I may tire easily of the browns, but for now it stays. Night all!

Pics of the Week

I'm going to be crawling any day now, so watch out! If I can ever figure out what to do with my feet.

What's for lunch Mommy?

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a hat?

My little monkey.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Time Flies

I can't believe it is Friday already! This week flew by. I guess with the nice weather, we have been out enjoying it. As they say, "Time flies when you are having fun!" Of course, as a result, I am tired!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Great Adventure

So we ordered Chinese food this past weekend. My fortune read: "Your life becomes more and more of an adventure!" Great--that's all I need. As if raising "twinfants" isn't enough of an adventure. Now if you are talking about a driving cross-country type of adventure (which my friend is doing at this very moment BTW) or backpacking across Europe type of adventure, I'm in. If you are talking life with twins, I'm not sure I'm ready. I'm comfortable right where I am. Ryan & Kaylie seem to have other plans. All of the sudden, the nap schedule they were keeping, up and changes overnight! What?!?! I'm not ready for that. You can't do that to mommy. They used to take a morning nap 9:30-10:30 ish and then go back down around 12:30/1:00. Now all of the sudden we have so much exploring to do that we can't be bothered to go down for another nap until 2/2:30. (of course I figure this out after 2 days of CIO (cry it out) for naptime--and Ryan (I kid you not) only taking a 5 minute nap.) Then of course I worry about when they will have their 3 o'clock bottle if they are sleeping. I might have to move that up to 2:30 or something. We are still tweaking things. Eek! Adventure...just great.

New Addition

Here is the new addition to our family-- a lawn mower. We were given my grandfather's old one when we bought the house. It still works, but it was a bagger mower. It made for a lot of work---bagging the grass (multiple times in a session), remembering to put it out in the garbage, having it stink up our garage on hot days, yada, yada, yada.... so we made the purchase of a self-mulching one. According to Bob, he enjoys cutting the grass now. Yeah, let's see how long this lasts.

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Now the tulips are in full bloom in our development, so I decided to have a photo shoot. Again, they were so interested in the grass that they wouldn't even look at me. I tried everything. Kaylie was at least attempting to touch it today. Progress.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Let Me Awww For a Moment Part 2

A while ago I posted that Ryan & Kaylie's pictures might be used in a brochure for a baby fair. Well, they aren't brochure babies, but their pictures will be on display at the baby fair at Hunterdon Medical Center this Saturday. Here are pics of the display board. They are on the bottom row.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pics of the Week

Ryan riding "Skippy" at Nana & Pop Pop's house.
I love whatever Ryan is doing in this one!
In their jammies.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Purchase

I wasn't too happy with the sunshade on the Peg Perego Aria Double Stroller or the Graco Duoglider for that matter. They really don't do much to shade the kids. I came across this double stroller sunshade made by Kiddopotamus. It was under $20.

Here they are with the regular sunshades.

Here they are with the sunshade extender. It extends a good two feet beyond what was there. I also know the picture is still showing some sun on them, but it is a huge difference! The only downside to the shade is that I have to remove it to fold the stroller, and on a REALLY windy day it may flip up. However, it is easy to attach and folds up compact! A good buy IMO!

I would like to buy two single ones for the Duoglider but Kaylie has taken to pulling Ryan's hair (Poor kid!) when we are in that stroller. (He sits up front.) Anyone else have this problem? I know I can just put Kaylie up front, but somehow the front seat seems like it is made for an older child-or at least larger--which Ryan is.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sippy Cups Round 2

We had another go at sippy cups. This time with a different brand. I bought Nuby sippy cups this time. They have a soft silicone spout instead of a hard plastic one. I figured it was more like their bottle nipple. I also tried to suck on it, and it was easier than the Platex brand I bought.
Ryan wanted to use the handles as teethers again. He wasn't thrilled when I held it to his mouth.
Kaylie went right for the spout, only to use it as a teether. Then I put it up to her mouth and she got a few sips. After that, she got the idea that it is supposed to go in your mouth, We're getting there people. I never knew it was a process--this transitioning to a sippy cup.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mini Update

Not much going on here...

Our heat broke AGAIN! This time we replaced a part called the inducer. Another $800 down the tubes.

Ryan FINALLY figured out how to roll from tummy to back. He now does it instantly when put on his tummy, so there goes tummy time. We also had him on our bed and he was rocking on hands and knees. Could be a fluke.

Kaylie has taken to waking up at night again. Not sure what wakes her, but she isn't quiet about it. I hear her, run in to get her and take her to the pack and play we have set up in another room. She WAILS for a good hour before returning back to sleep. My problem is that I think my taking her out of the crib jostles her more awake, but at the same time she is waking up Ryan. Dilemmas! Last night she woke up and I didn't go get her. She fussed only for a few minutes and went back to sleep. Bob & I are thinking we need to put them in separate rooms. This bothers me because a.) we made the nursery for 'them' and b.) I'd like my babies to stay together for as long as possible. Maybe the move would only have to be temporary. Wishful thinking, right?

And now the garbage truck & recycling truck decided to come at the same time and wake up my babies during nap time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrr..........

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pics of the Week

Here they are trying on their Mickey Ear hats they got back in December. They just about fit now.

It's been a few weeks, but HE'S B---A---C---K!

Let me touch that silver thing Mommy!

This is Ry not long before bedtime. He gets very whiney/cranky some nights and we have found that if we undress him and let him hang out in his onesie, it settles him somehow.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Out & About Again!

Well we went for not one, but two walks today! It was THAT nice out. I also took some pics in front of some flowers in the common area of the development. It was their first experience in the grass, and also the reason they didn't even look at me once! Ryan was intrigued by the grass but Kaylie wasn't liking it very much. She didn't cry, but she let out a soft whine every now and then to make sure I knew she didn't like it. Needless to say, I didn't get the pictures I was hoping for. We enjoyed the time outside after being cooped up this winter, especially all the sights and sounds.

What is this green stuff?

I'm not touching that. (Look at how frightened she looks. Priceless.)

Easier or Harder?

Oops, I thought I published this last night. I guess not....

On a multiples message board I go to, it was asked if having twins was easier or harder than expected.

I guess while I was pregnant I couldn't imagine how I was going to do it. I expected the worst, thus the reason for frequenting multiples message boards. What did people do before the internet??? I guess they read books or talked to someone they knew IRL.

Motherhood in general is the hardest thing I have experienced and I don't think that would change if I had one child or six. It's hard. Now throw in the twin factor and yes the hardness factor doubles but it is also becoming rewarding as they get older. The first 4-5 months were the hardest so far, but now our routine is established and it is great to see them growing from babies to almost (dare I say) toddlers.

I just had to rock Kaylie to sleep in the middle of writing this. Well, I didn't HAVE TO but I did and I loved it. (She had a diaper leak.) I don't get to hold them while they are sleeping anymore. They can fall asleep without it. I fully admit it felt good, and I miss it.

Anyway, since I went into this whole experience expecting the worst, it has proven so far to be a bit easier than expected, but still hard. Make sense???

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


On another blog that I read, the site was mentioned. Being that scrapbooking is right up my alley (although I haven't made time for it lately), I went to check it out. This is what I created in 15 minutes time.

Product Reviews

Here are some products I have used. They aren't all here. I'll try to do another Product Review post someday.

Bottles: I use the Playtex Drop Ins. I love the convenience. I didn't like that they didn't offer a medium flow nipple but I did just see them in my food store this weekend! With a NEW! on the packaging. A little too late for me though. I was lucky and my babies took to those right away and I didn't have to go through all the different bottle types.

Car seats: We had Graco SnugRides. I thought they were great. Easy to use and we never had a problem with them. We have Britax Decathlon convertible car seats and right now the only issue I have with them is that I find the straps are hard to tighten. Otherwise a very comfortable seat and the kids enjoy looking out the window now.

Pack & Plays: We have a Graco and an Evenflo one. Hands down the Graco wins with ease of set up. The problem we have with the Evenflo one is that it is hard to set up for some reason. Those sides always want to collapse and the bottom pad doesn't fill the entire bottom. I'd stick with Graco.

Bumbo: We used it often and only bought one of these.

Boppy: We bought two. Probably the most used product we received. Wouldn't have been able to do it without them. At 11 months, we still use them.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Shots Today

Today we had our final RSV shot for the season. Of course not a fun time for anyone. Kaylie likes to carry on after getting her shot--my Drama Queen.
They really know now what is going on when we get there. I dread next winter taking them every month to get the RSV shot. They will be old enough to know. Bribes anyone????

BTW- Kaylie weighs 16 lbs. 3 1/2 ounces & Ryan is 20 lbs. and change (as Bob put it) He thinks the scale said 2 or 3 ounces.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The View

My mom came and babysat while a friend & I went to "the city" (as we refer to it here in Jersey, I am talking about New York City) to see The View--live! Now I can't say I sit and "watch" it every day (just not happening), but it is on.
Today's guest was Christina Applegate. I never realized how small the studio really is. It looks so big on TV and when they speak it's very low--not like when you are watching on TV. When they do interviews on the couch, I always assumed it was in a seperate area of the studio, but instead they push back the table and bring out the couch. It's the same spot. See, some secret tidbits for anyone who watches.

You have to be on line by 9:30 (with your tickets). Then they sign you in and you wait until about 10:30 before they start bringing groups of people up in the elevators to the studio. The waiting was the worst part. Then there was a guy who warms up the audience with dancing and jokes. I was so hoping for a giveaway, but nothing. Oh well.

Luckily, all the ladies were on today. Barbara was all about business. Elisabeth & Joy didn't say too much to us. Sherri & Whoopi are funny (I guess that's why they are comedians) and talked to us the most.

These are some pics taken by my friend. Unfortunately they are a bit blurry. Take a little time to enjoy the view.....

At the table during a commercial break.

Behind the scenes--makeup touch up.

Whoopi, Sherri, & Elisabeth

Christina Applegate

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pics of the Week

Being Daddy's Girl
Yep, I did biter biscuits again.
The shirt says it all-"Dog Gone Cute"
Looking cute in her sweater.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Poll Results

Poll: Are you a M.O.M.?
Out of 33 voters, 42% who have visited this blog have twins and the other 58% do not have twins. I KNOW there were a lot of visitors who didn't vote. Shame on you! :) There was a flaw to my poll though. I didn't include M.O.M.'s to be. Anyway, thanks for taming my curiosity.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sippy Cups 101

Well we seem to be sippy cup drop-outs...for now. They had their first go at it and it didn't go over too well.

"Does it bite?"

"Mmmm...this handle makes a great teether. That's what it's for right?"

"You want me to drink from THAT?" as she tosses it aside.

Ryan: What did she say this was?

Kaylie: I don't know, but I don't like it.

Ryan: Just start crying. We'll get out of this one.

(Thanks to a fellow blogger for the post idea! )

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Calgon, Take Me Away!

Ever have one twin afraid of the other? I've got them. Yesterday, Ryan played that game. Kaylie couldn't even make a peep or else Ryan went into hysterics. Even holding him, didn't seem to console him much. We're still not sure what was going on. He seems better today but it was a "Calgon, take me away!" day! I had to call the reinforcements home (AKA Bob). Kaylie was actually oblivious to what was going on and was just in Kaylie's World as we sang to the tune of Elmo's World. I hope this phase ends fast.


We had a visit with the plastic surgeon regarding Ryan's IV burn today. He still doesn't see the need for any surgery and said that the scar would fade over time. Ryan seems to have full use of his hand and unless I see anything in the future, there is no need for us to go back! YAY!! (jumping up in the air clicking heels!)

I took Ryan without Kaylie and I must admit I always find it strange to be with only one baby. It is easier but I just felt odd the whole time. I guess it didn't help that I was pushing a double stroller with only one baby in it either.

Anyway, we'll savor the good news for today!