Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Product Reviews

Here are some products I have used. They aren't all here. I'll try to do another Product Review post someday.

Bottles: I use the Playtex Drop Ins. I love the convenience. I didn't like that they didn't offer a medium flow nipple but I did just see them in my food store this weekend! With a NEW! on the packaging. A little too late for me though. I was lucky and my babies took to those right away and I didn't have to go through all the different bottle types.

Car seats: We had Graco SnugRides. I thought they were great. Easy to use and we never had a problem with them. We have Britax Decathlon convertible car seats and right now the only issue I have with them is that I find the straps are hard to tighten. Otherwise a very comfortable seat and the kids enjoy looking out the window now.

Pack & Plays: We have a Graco and an Evenflo one. Hands down the Graco wins with ease of set up. The problem we have with the Evenflo one is that it is hard to set up for some reason. Those sides always want to collapse and the bottom pad doesn't fill the entire bottom. I'd stick with Graco.

Bumbo: We used it often and only bought one of these.

Boppy: We bought two. Probably the most used product we received. Wouldn't have been able to do it without them. At 11 months, we still use them.

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