Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Purchase

I wasn't too happy with the sunshade on the Peg Perego Aria Double Stroller or the Graco Duoglider for that matter. They really don't do much to shade the kids. I came across this double stroller sunshade made by Kiddopotamus. It was under $20.

Here they are with the regular sunshades.

Here they are with the sunshade extender. It extends a good two feet beyond what was there. I also know the picture is still showing some sun on them, but it is a huge difference! The only downside to the shade is that I have to remove it to fold the stroller, and on a REALLY windy day it may flip up. However, it is easy to attach and folds up compact! A good buy IMO!

I would like to buy two single ones for the Duoglider but Kaylie has taken to pulling Ryan's hair (Poor kid!) when we are in that stroller. (He sits up front.) Anyone else have this problem? I know I can just put Kaylie up front, but somehow the front seat seems like it is made for an older child-or at least larger--which Ryan is.


Harris Boys said...

how cool...we don't have a side by side, but I know what you mean about the shades on the duoglider...they don't shade much at all. Good buy!

Jared & Becky said...

Yes, we have the pulling hair problem in the duoglider but I have no suggestions just sympathy :) Love the sun shade. Good find!

Ashhog said...

Love the sun shade. We just have the duoglider. The backseat is what is driving me crazy with that one. Of course my twins are just 5 months old but right now it annoys me that there are only 2 positions that the backseat will go in. Straight up or all the way down. My boys just look so uncomfortable in the back. Anyway-I think I'm getting off topic-Love the shade! :)

Amy said...

Hey, that's really cool! Our Maclaren doesn't even have a shade, I found out yesterday. Unless Steve just didn't put it on when he put it together.... Where did you get it?

BoufMom9 said...

I have 2 single ones I will gladly give you! I can't use them on my stroller and need to get the double one you have.
Maybe we could meet up sometime for a playdate or something...
Email me and I will get them to you.