Monday, April 7, 2008

The View

My mom came and babysat while a friend & I went to "the city" (as we refer to it here in Jersey, I am talking about New York City) to see The View--live! Now I can't say I sit and "watch" it every day (just not happening), but it is on.
Today's guest was Christina Applegate. I never realized how small the studio really is. It looks so big on TV and when they speak it's very low--not like when you are watching on TV. When they do interviews on the couch, I always assumed it was in a seperate area of the studio, but instead they push back the table and bring out the couch. It's the same spot. See, some secret tidbits for anyone who watches.

You have to be on line by 9:30 (with your tickets). Then they sign you in and you wait until about 10:30 before they start bringing groups of people up in the elevators to the studio. The waiting was the worst part. Then there was a guy who warms up the audience with dancing and jokes. I was so hoping for a giveaway, but nothing. Oh well.

Luckily, all the ladies were on today. Barbara was all about business. Elisabeth & Joy didn't say too much to us. Sherri & Whoopi are funny (I guess that's why they are comedians) and talked to us the most.

These are some pics taken by my friend. Unfortunately they are a bit blurry. Take a little time to enjoy the view.....

At the table during a commercial break.

Behind the scenes--makeup touch up.

Whoopi, Sherri, & Elisabeth

Christina Applegate


the schirano triplets said...

i don't even watch the view but am enormously jealous you got to go see it. how fun! my husband is from new york and i am dying to go back soon to visit with him sometime soon.

BoufMom9 said...

How fun!
I don't watch either, but just the idea of going to NYC and seeing a show...
I haven't been to the actual city in a while. (I took my kids to see the Statue of Liberty back in january)

Toni said...

hey - you were there first hand to see Whoopi kiss the other woman? sorry I don't know their names as I never get to watch the show - but I saw the clip on the news.

Harris Boys said...

I don't care for that show, but would still love to go to a live cool. I would love to visit NYC..never been.