Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mini Update

Not much going on here...

Our heat broke AGAIN! This time we replaced a part called the inducer. Another $800 down the tubes.

Ryan FINALLY figured out how to roll from tummy to back. He now does it instantly when put on his tummy, so there goes tummy time. We also had him on our bed and he was rocking on hands and knees. Could be a fluke.

Kaylie has taken to waking up at night again. Not sure what wakes her, but she isn't quiet about it. I hear her, run in to get her and take her to the pack and play we have set up in another room. She WAILS for a good hour before returning back to sleep. My problem is that I think my taking her out of the crib jostles her more awake, but at the same time she is waking up Ryan. Dilemmas! Last night she woke up and I didn't go get her. She fussed only for a few minutes and went back to sleep. Bob & I are thinking we need to put them in separate rooms. This bothers me because a.) we made the nursery for 'them' and b.) I'd like my babies to stay together for as long as possible. Maybe the move would only have to be temporary. Wishful thinking, right?

And now the garbage truck & recycling truck decided to come at the same time and wake up my babies during nap time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrr..........


Harris Boys said...

when one of my boys wakes up we'll go in and just rub their back and turn on baby tad..I don't pick them up...most of the time rubbing their backs and turning on baby tad will get them back to sleep. Good luck, it can be so frustrating!

and yay to go ryan and rolling :)

Linda said...

We had to separate our babies for sleep training. It stinks and we wanted to keep them together but he kept waking her when he'd fuss. We also lost our guest room in the process!
Oh and our garbage man likes to come at 6am Monday and Thursday and wake the babies. Fun fun!!

BoufMom9 said...

In the beginning I had some issues with Will waking up Emma and we ended up moving him into the living room for maybe 3 nights in a pack n play to sleep train. After he "got it" that we weren't coming to get him, he stopped waking up so much.
He still does it occassionally, but not like he was.
ps the only other thing I was thinking- teething???