Friday, June 18, 2010

Miss Teddy & Pink Blanket

I did a post on Ryan's blanket, so I wanted to do a post on Kaylie's objects of attachment. She is no where near as attached to Miss Teddy and Pink Blanket as Ryan is to Stripe, but I think it would be a problem if they both weren't there at bedtime. Miss Teddy and Pink Blanket usually spend the day in the bed and only are brought downstairs when we read stories before going up to bed at night. Kaylie tends to bring something new into her bed every night. She sleeps with some random puzzle pieces, princesses, small toys, stickers., etc.....whatever strikes her fancy at that moment. She isn't showing the same attachment that Ryan does with having to have Stripe in sight most of the day, but still she snuggles with these two things each night.