Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Peanut & Pumpkin

Ryan and Kaylie got the nicknames Peanut and Pumpkin during the NICU stay. One time a nurse asked how our Pumpkins were doing (referring to our babies) and the nurse taking care of them (Lauren, my favorite NICU nurse) that day said, “No they have a Pumpkin AND A Peanut.” She was right. The Peanut obviously refers to Kaylie.


You’d think twins would be doing the same things. By this I mean wearing the same size diapers, wearing the same size clothes, and eating the same formula. No on all accounts for me. I’m sure I am the exception and most twins actually do do these things. Because of the size difference (due to IUGR) they have been different all along. (The pic above was taken in August. I know Kaylie's pants are hiked a little too high! LOL). There were a few matching outfits that I was given and would have loved for them to wear at the same time but that never happened. I know it’s trivial but it just requires me to make sure I have everything for everybody--clothes, diapers, & formula. As a mom you have to be prepared but as a M.O.M. I just have to make sure I am doubly prepared. Ah, the life of a Double Duty Mom! (Had to get that in there!)

Here's a picture showing the size difference today. They both are growing. Kaylie is just on her own growth curve. Our hope is that she is caught up by age two.


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