Monday, February 25, 2008

Should I Be Worried?

Remember this toy? I know you all have seen it at one point. I had it as a kid, but it came with a dark and light purple ring too. The company must be saving money, but they have added some balls to the red ring. Ok, whatever.

This is the toy of choice lately. They LOVE to take the rings off. We have mastered that, and won't stop until all rings are off either. Putting them back on--not so much. We'll get there. They just can't resist pulling them off. This can go on for a good 10 minutes--a long span of time in an infant's world.

Ryan seems to love to use the rings as pillows. On a few occasions I have witnessed him put his head down, become very still and sometimes close his eyes. I of course felt the need to snap a pic. Once was cute, but then to see it again gets you wondering. Should I be worried about this? Is this normal behavior?

Hope you find it as funny as I do. I think I'll hold off on calling the doctor just yet. :)


Amy said...

LOL! Awww, he loves the rings! Maybe they'll be his "may-may" :) Nina ate our ring toy.

Jared & Becky said...

That is adorable. I think it is hysterical what babies cling to. So funny! BTW my boys have quite a size difference too. Oh, and thanks for the blog inspiration. I ended up starting one :)