Monday, February 18, 2008

Growing Up

A little break before I talk about the NICU time....

We've recently made the switch to the convertible carseat. No more infant carriers. We purchased two Britax Decathlon carseats. I suggest if you are a M.O.M. (that's Mom of Multiples) you get the Double Snap & Go for the beginning months! It's a dream. You just put the babies in and go. Plus if they're sleeping you don't worry about disturbing them. I will miss that stroller so much. I don't like the convertible carseats because of all the buckling and unbuckling that is involved.
When arriving at a destination you unbuckle one baby, buckle them up into the stroller. Then unbuckle next baby, and buckle in stroller. Repeat process when leaving your destination. All the while paranoid someone will take your baby while you are buckling the other in.
For fun I took a pic of Ryan in it now & compared it to the one we took when he arrived home. What a difference! I think it's safe to say he needed more room. I didn't have one of Kaylie on her homecoming but here she is in hers now. We have her homecoming on video. I hope I can get a still shot of it, but that is DH's department. DH is an abbreviation standing for Dear Husband if you were wondering.
Oh and now that we ditched the Snap and Go, we needed to test out the new stroller-Peg Perego Aria Twin. It's a lightweight side-by-side stroller. I love it so far in the handful of times we have used it. It was a gift received from my aunts at my shower. Here's a pic of that. As you can see, Kaylie doesn't stay on her side. I also have a Graco DuoGlider as well. That is a tandem stroller and a bit heavier. It will be useful for the malls because it is narrow. I haven't used that one yet. Right now I am dying for warmer weather so we can go for a stroll. Well it is kind of warm today, but a little too windy here for babies to be out.

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