Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I suffered from a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in my lung) 3 weeks after the delivery. I was hospitalized (in a different hospital close to an hour away from my babies) for 5 days. They would be the longest days of my life. I wouldn’t see my babies for the entire time & had NO internet access (Can you even imagine? LOL). I guess the only perk was that I had a private room and didn't have to room with an old person. That's pretty much all you find on the Telemetry unit of a hospital. Ok, so I exaggerate. Really I think it's because I had just had the babies and was pumping at the time.
Bob took pics every day and some video. My poor guy was driving the state-going to work, driving 30 minutes to see the babies, driving another 45 minutes to the hospital I was at, and then driving an hour+ home. Basically making a triangle each day. Insane. Again—my hero.
The blood clot is gone but as a result I take Coumadin every day to thin my blood to prevent future clots. I needed to stop pumping. It was not safe for the babies. There were many days in the beginning when I forgot to take my medicine. I had twin infants which means I was sleep deprived. I have since put a reminder in my Outlook because I am sure to check my email before bed each night. It has worked like a charm!

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