Saturday, February 16, 2008

"Looks Like It's Twins!"

They say there are only a few surprises in life. Well, we had one of them. So on December 6th we headed for my first ultrasound at IVF of NJ at 7 in the morning. I called them because we had done all the work-up and I didn’t want them to think we weren’t serious about having a baby. I told them what happened and they said to still come in. You don’t normally see your OB until 8 weeks-which was on the 20th. So there we were: me on the table, DH on a chair beside me and the Dr. up my hoo-ha. She said, “It looks like twins!” Eyes popping out of my head, I reply, “Are you serious?” She then points out both sacs, checks my ovaries and tells me I released more than one egg and that it looks like they are fraternal. Then I say, “Bob are you hearing this?” He says “Yeah” and I can see his head in his hands in disbelief. I then say, “We need a bigger house.” We just kept repeating the word we had just heard over and over: “Twins?!” and then shaking our heads as we stared at the sonogram. How do you get through a day of work knowing this tidbit of information? I found myself just bursting out in laughter every now and then. I have to say seeing the heartbeats was an amazing moment and the surprise of twins is unforgettable too! A very happy moment for the both of us.

I must say that from the time we found out until the time we told our parents at Christmastime, it was great knowing that we had this secret that nobody else knew (except the Dr.’s of course).

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Anonymous said...

ok, you're making me cry....and laugh....i love it!