Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another Scary Day--26 weeks

Another scary day. So it was confirmed once again that my daughter was still lagging behind in growth. She had grown from the last appointment, which was a good sign. It was also confirmed that the umbilical cord had implanted to the side of the placenta versus implanting in the center of the placenta like usual. Why didn’t they know this before so they could save us all the genetic B.S.? IDK. So a case of IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction) was diagnosed. Blood flow to my daughter was restricted, so she basically fought for every needed nutrient. It was recommended that I go on hospital bedrest (that day!) and be closely monitored. I also received steroid shots (Yes, I admit to taking steroids. LOL) to help speed lung growth in the babies. I think this saved their lives to be quite honest.

Now when you hear the words “hospital stay,” you freak out! A million thoughts start rushing in. My main worry was work of all things. What would I do about work? I was a teacher so you just can’t call in sick. Teachers HAVE to be there—like the postal service—Nor rain, nor sleet, nor hail. Your mail gets there. It’s kind of like that with teaching. I needed lesson plans & detailed instructions etc. etc... My principal was great about it and told me not to worry about a thing. What a relief. I sent what I had and tried to put it out of my mind. That was a hard thing to do—give up the class you worked so hard to mold. I’ve been told they became a bad class after I left. I feel badly about that. I’m sure some valuable learning time was lost. So the prospect of going to the hospital long-term was a scary one for me. I knew it was best, but it didn’t come at the greatest time. Does it ever??? I would miss spring—my favorite season and I would have to spend my birthday in a hospital. I ended up spending one month in the hospital before going into labor. Sort of ironic but I was able to go outside ONE day while I was at the hospital. I started having pains THAT day which were accompanied with the runs (I know TMI). Three days later I would have my babies, not knowing those pains were really contractions. DH always says it was because I got to go outside. I got through that one month because of family, friends and DH’s DAILY visits. That guy of mine is a hero.

Next entry: the delivery…..

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