Thursday, February 21, 2008

Finally a Family

So what is life like with two newborns to take care of? In a word exhausting. You just try to sleep when they sleep and get through it--with help. Thankfully they were good sleepers. Pretty much woke every 3 hours, ate and then fell back to sleep. Heck, they weren't even supposed to have been born when we brought them home. That in itself is surreal. We were just glad to have them home and finally get on with our new life as a family.

A pic of them both finally home together!

What does a twin nursery look like? Crowded!! I'm embarrassed to say (although it was no fault of my own--being in the hospital beforehand) but we didn't have the nursery ready for them so they shared a crib in our room for 2 weeks. In that time, we had purchased another crib and got the nursery ready. Bob put up crown moulding and a chair rail. He's a handy guy. It looks great though. I don't think they even noticed we didn't have it ready. Here are some pics of the nursery. Yeah I grappled with whether I should do half blue and half pink, but instead I went with vibrant primary colors. The biggest problem was positioning the cribs in such a small room!

views from the door

wall opposite the cribs

Grandma painted the wall letters to match the border & quilt. They look great don't they?

Speaking of Grandma, I am so thankful that I had my mom to help out. In fact I had my mom help out for two days a week for 6 months! Not everyone gets this, but it was a sanity saver. I got some needed sleep and I was able to 'escape' as we would joke. Now that she has stopped, we are coming up with other ways to arrange our schedules so I can get some "me time." So a tip for any future M.O.M.--get help and take any that is offered.

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