Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pregnancy Journey

So December 1st was the day I got the BFP-Big Fat Positive remember? Best day ever! I took a test in the morning just because I was a day late and hell, I had bought so many tests at the dollar store I felt compelled to use one. DH is still in bed and I am up for work at 5:30. He has no idea that his life will be forever changed, nor do I. So I pee on the stick and actually see two lines appear quite quickly, but still being bleary-eyed from being up when it is still dark outside (or maybe a bit of shock too) I shake my head and tell myself to get in the shower and then have another look. I keep trying to peer out the fogged up glass door to see if there really are two lines there or am I imagining it? Sort of shaking at this point. I get out and sure enough, those two lines were still there. Walk out of the bathroom and tell DH, “I have a line.” He is like, “WHAT??????” having no idea what I’m talking about. So I show him the test and he of course immediately references George from Seinfeld and says, “My boys can swim!” (hands up over the head). Then of course that was followed by an embrace where you can just feel the stress melt away knowing we could actually get pregnant and didn't face any treatment ahead of us.

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Melissa said...

Hi! I am pregnant with twins and my husband's first words at the doctor's office when we found out we were having twins, "I told you I had strong swimmers, they are so tough they cracked that egg in two!" LOL. MEN!