Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Do I Need Two of Everything?

The answer to this question is no. Here are some bigger baby essentials and whether we needed one or two of them.

Carseats- yeah--not going to even go here---A MUST!

Cribs- For us it was essential to have two. God bless anyone who has their twins in the same crib for like a year. I don't know how they do it. Ryan & Kaylie just kept waking each other up in it so it didn't work for us.

Boppies: Two are essential. I NEVER would have survived feedings by myself without them. Great for propping the babies and giving them a place to hang out. My only complaint is that ours sagged in the middle early on. Washing it helped firm it up a bit, but not for long.

High Chairs: I've been using one up until this week. Prior, I would feed one and then the other right after. That worked for awhile. Now, I am going to start feeding them at the same time. We are having 3 meals a day now and all I feel like I do is feed babies so doing it at the same time may help me save my sanity a little. I have regular high chairs. They sell the space savers and I consider getting them all the time since we are short on space but I have these already.

Exersaucer/Jumperoo: We got away with only one of each of these. They rotate using them.

Bouncers: we needed two of these. Again, great for giving them a place to hang out and play.

Swings: Some people feel two swings are necessary. I think it depends on your kids. We had a regular size swing and a travel swing. There were times we needed to use the travel swing at the same time but for the most part one swing was fine.

Pack & Plays: we started out with one but realized the weight limit of the bassinet part was being exceeded. Plus, they were waking each other up so we got two for our main level of the house. We spend our days on the main level. Now the kids take naps upstairs, so we really only use one. For naps, Kaylie takes hers in the pack & play in the spare bedroom and Ryan is in his crib. They don't fall asleep at the same minute and sleep the same length of time. In general their naps are at the same time. I have two kids who like to fall asleep in different ways: Kaylie screeches herself to sleep sometimes and that would really agitate Ry when he was tired so they are seperated for naps. The Pack & Plays can be used for travel too.

Changing table: Again this depends on your house too. If you have one level, one changing table is sufficient. Like I said, we spend our days on the main level of the house so for me having a changing table down there was beneficial. Now the one in the nursery hardly gets used except for after baths. Truthfully if I had to do it again, I would NOT have had a changing table in the nursery. A pad on the floor would be sufficent. Live & learn.

Bumbo: although this item has been recalled, we only got one of them and it has worked out just fine. We rotate.

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