Sunday, February 24, 2008

As I Love You Through the Glass

This was a poem I found somewhere online when the twins were in the NICU. Maybe it will be a source of comfort for someone you know or yourself going through the NICU experience. It kind of sums it up just in the title alone.


As I love you through the glass
a tiny hand sweeps across the blanket
reaching out to me.
You lie there in the stillness
of your slumber clinging to life;
I reach inside to touch you
and you stir slightly;
I feel a tiny breath like a feather
caress my fingers
as I love you through the glass.
One eye opens
easily staring into mine;
Can you see me?
Can you feel my presence
as I love you through the glass?
I ache to hold you;
I await the moment
when you peacefully rest in my loving arms.
A silent tear rolls down my face;
I slowly turn to walk away
only to glance back one more time
as I love you through the glass.
(c) 1998 Elena Murphy All Rights Reserved