Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bittersweet--The BIG Ultrasound--21 weeks

Bittersweet--The Big Ultrasound—21 weeks
Well this was a bittersweet day. We found out that we were having a boy & a girl!! (Another one of Life’s only surprises. We were still surprised--just earlier). Can’t get better than that. We found out we were having a boy first in case you were wondering. The bitter part of the day came when we were told our daughter was growing smaller than our son. Her femur was smaller and could possibly be Down’s syndrome. We met with a genetic counselor who recommended an amnio to see what the cause could be. We declined that. To us it wasn’t worth the risk involved. Whatever it was we would deal. So a lot of tears fell on what should have been a happy day. I guess they need to tell you all the scenarios, but I have to say I was SCARED. The end result, after 6 hours at the hospital, was that we would continue to monitor growth every two weeks. I continued to go for checks and my daughter continued to grow-albeit small.

Up until this point I really had a great pregnancy. The only symptoms I had were REALLY sore boobs for just about the whole pregnancy, some spotting, and extreme fatigue. Fatigue like I have never felt before—well at least until the babies came home. LOL! I had no morning sickness which was great because they say it can be worse with multiples. I did have to eat pretzels/crackers throughout the day or I would feel just a tinge of queasiness. I developed some swelling in my feet at around 20 weeks. All in all, a good pregnancy.

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