Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What Not To Say

You've heard of the show What Not to Wear on TLC? Well, this is What Not to Say to a Twin Mommy. These are some comments I have gotten in my travels.

1. Do twins run in your family?--someone asking this is trying to see if you used fertility treatment.

2. Are they natural? --Aren't all babies? The correct term would be spontaneous.

3. You have your hands full.--Yeah.....DUH! Let's state the obvious Sherlock.

4. Are they identical? (when you see an obvious boy & girl) OK, OK, I know that scientists have actually discovered b/g twins can be identical. The chances of it happening? Slim to none. The average person asking this question has no clue about that! Plus, my kids look nothing alike!

Some comments I got while pregnant included:

1. Better you than me!--- Are you kidding me? I just wanted to be like yeah, it is better to happen to me than you with a comment like that!

2. How will you manage? (I still wonder some days.)

3. You're going to be HUGE! (by one of my 4th graders--I let this one slide)


Jared & Becky said...

I think the worst I've ever had was "oh my God, I'd kill myself". Thank God that my boys can't understand yet. I felt really bad for them. People are hmmm I guess I will be kind and say "interesting". BTW I love the ring pictures. They are so adorable.

the schirano triplets said...

hahaha! i love the post. i get better you than me now. or i am glad it isn't me. and people say this when i have the babies! can you imagine what they will think when they can understand that?

i also you watch jon and kate plus 8? almost every single person i run into asks that question.

people just stare when i am out with the babies (and the only places we have gone so far are walks and the dr). i am thinking about making a sign for the stroller that says please don't feed the animals :)

Wendy said...

Yep! I've heard all of them! I even have a section devoted to those annoying questions on my blog!

BoufMom9 said...

I so hate some of the comments. One of the worst I got was when i was standing in line to see Santa with the babies & a woman walked right over to me and said, " You used fertility, right?" That's it! She didn't say "hi" or anything. UGH!
People are so rude!

Harris Boys said...

I hear ya sista!!! its get annoying, but I just roll with the punches and take it with a grain of salt :)

I get asked alot if Andrew is a girl...?!?!?

Jinx said...

I am 1 half of a b/g set of twins.. the girl half and I love people when they hear I am a twin ask if my twin and I are identical..I say not since he grew a mustache.