Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thank You, Easter Bunny!

Here they are with the Easter Bunny. Not really smiling, but just hanging out on the bunny. They were oblivious this year and at least there were no tears. Again, proving Mommy wrong.

On a side note, when Bob was a kid he used to have to shout out the front door, "Thank you, Easter Bunny!" after finding a basket full of goodies on Easter morning. I think that's a tradition we'll keep for Ryan & Kaylie too!

And other news.....Kaylie rolled from her back to her tummy! That's a first. Ryan also finally rolled from tummy to back today. He has only done this 3 times in his life! Way to go! Also, Ryan has gotten his second tooth!


Harris Boys said...

aw, I think they are least they are not crying. wait till santa

BoufMom9 said...

They looks so "excited" LOL
It's funny, but until this picture, I hadn't realized how alike they look (minus the hair) for b/g twins. Just adorable!
ps YEAH to the rolling!