Sunday, March 9, 2008

How Cute Are They?

Okay... (insert drum roll here).....Here are some of the pictures we took at our photo shoot. I LOVE THEM!! I think they look just as good as if you went to a studio. What do you think? We also took some cute diaper pics but sorry to say you won't see them on here. Again, if you click on the picture it should make it bigger--at least it does for me. Also the basket in the pictures was Bob's as a little boy!


Toni said...

The photographs are great, very professional. I LOVE them! Then again - I am their Nana :)

Anonymous said...


they came out great. Very cute. They look so professional. not leaving the house, no crying what more can you want. They are getting so big. Love the smiles.


BoufMom9 said...

Wow! I just stumbled upon your blog as I'm a twim mommy too and what a post to find first! You are my HERO! I am a photography FREAK and have dreams of doing the perfect shots of my babies.
Your photos turned out just FABULOUS!
Now, I'm off to search the net for how the heck I buy one of those umbrella light thingys. LOL
ps Your babies are GORGEOUS!

Amy said...

They came out great! I can't believe how red Kaylie's hair looks in them! I always thought it was more blonde, but in these pictures, she's her Daddy's girl!

Harris Boys said...

Liz, they look GREAT!!! Love the basket pic, wonderful :)

Joanne (Jo-Jo) said...

They are absolutely gorgeous. I especially love the last ones with Mr. Ryan and Miss Kaylie both in the basket. They are very professionally done. Would you like to come up and do AnneMarie and Joey?!?

Love, Jo-Jo (Cousin Joanne)