Monday, March 31, 2008

Biter Biscuits???

Whoever invented these things must be shot, or at the very least the package should come with a warning letting parents know these biscuits are the messiest things on earth. I had heard that the Zwieback kind of teether cookie was messy so I steered clear of those and got Gerber Biter Biscuits instead. They looked harmless. I gave Kaylie and Ryan one after their dinner. They loved it and it kept them occupied while I cooked dinner.

Kaylie got a little bored with hers. She was a little messy but nothing a washcloth couldn't cure. Ryan continued to gnaw his as I continued to cook.

Well after a bit, I look over at Ryan and THIS is how he looks! (Click on picture to enlarge and get full effect)

Biscuit residue was all over his face & hands, clothes, the high chair, and the wall!! At this time, dinner is ready and he is more than ready to get out of the chair. Another cold dinner for me is what I'm thinking as I have to clean these kids up. No amount of cleaning was good enough. I couldn't get them to stop smelling like biter biscuits. They needed a bath to get the job done.

Will I give them again? Yes, but my lesson learned here: Give teether biscuits right before a planned bathtime. Avoid other times at all cost.


Harris Boys said... boys loved those, but yes they make a HUGE mess. I'm sure they enjoyed them though!!

BoufMom9 said...

LOL! We affectionately called these "slime cookies" in my house.
Great picture of them, definitely captured the mess PERFECT!

ps Do you happen to know the kool aid playdough recipe?

Toni said...

I think he is too cute! He looked like he thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll have to have some at my house.