Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No Heat!

Ok so we have no heat. AGAIN! This is the second time this winter it has gone out. Last time, all Bob did to get it working was remove the furnace cover and replace it and then it worked. Not so lucky this time. Bob went to his office to steal everyone's space heaters. This was before I got a hold of a person to come. So here I sit waiting for the guy to come. It's midnight, and I'm bundled in extra thick socks, pajamas, slippers, robe, and a down throw. I was awakened out of a deep slumber I might add! At least we have a gas fireplace. It doesn't give off a tremendous amount of heat but if you sit close it is warm. The kids are sleeping with a space heater. So hopefully, they won't even know the difference. UGH! How much will this cost?

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Joanne (Jo-Jo) said...

Gee, this must be the week to lose heat. We had our furnace cleaned on Friday (the guy that does ours is absolutely wonderful, though don't know if he would go down by you). Anyway, worked fine all weekend. Then Monday morning at 6:00 AM woke up to a freezing house!!! He came at dinner time and did not charge us, and it was a sensor. Hopefully this will never happen again to either of us. I know exactly what you went through!!

Love you,