Saturday, May 10, 2008

Vacation's Over

So Grandma left. :( Man it was nice to have the extra set of hands ALL day. I did do some weeding. Not as much as I should have, but some. Here are pics to prove it. (Pay no attention to the dead azalea bushes that have to be pulled out. Not sure what happened to them.) Check out the difference of the Japanese maple tree and the ground cover in the front. Edward Scissorhands in the making right? Ah well, it looks "a little" better.
I got my pedicure and haircut. That was some good 'me time.' I did a lot of errands and shopping. It honestly was nice driving from store to store and getting out of the car and into the store in under 10 minutes.

Bob got me Yankees tickets for a game in June. They are box seats. I am excited to go, as I have never been to a Yankees game before. I wanted to go especially since they are building a new stadium.

Oh the want to know how the kids are doing?? Really? I thought it was all about me. Ryan is so frustrated right now. He just wants to crawl already. He also wants you to hold him in the standing position ALL DAY as well. He finally learned how to get from his tummy to sitting. He has started to pull up on some toys and the couch. He pretends he is King Ryan--getting Cheerios hand fed to him and doesn't hold his bottle or sippy cup. Every once in awhile he will hold it. He is just a big goofball.

Kaylie will stand holding onto things. Not for real long, but she can do it without any support. She started crawling forward this week. She still doesn't have her butt in the air, but she can move pretty fast when she wants to. She looks like a little inchworm. She feeds herself Cheerios by the fistful.

Does this pic say anything?

We've had a few rounds of UIW (Ultimate Infant Wrestling). Hair pulling & eye poking included. Poor Ryan. Kaylie will get hers someday when she has some pigtails.
It was nice while it lasted. Now, back to reality...

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