Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our First Memorial Day Weekend

We celebrated Memorial Day weekend with a day trip to my parent's beach house. We took a walk over to the bay and took a ride on some swings.

Here they are with their big cousin Hunter!

Quite possibly the cutest picture I have of them to date.

Touching sand for the first time. They actually liked it. They would run it through their hands and then be like, "Where'd it go? I had something in my hand a second ago." It was adorable to watch. Kaylie decided she wanted to try the pebbles that were in the sand. Must have thought they were Cheerios. Can you say heart attack? (P.S. The Peg Perego Stroller does not go well in sand, but does any stroller?)

Ryan passed out on the 3 minute walk (literally) back to the house. His head was dangling down and I didn't even know it. Poor kid. Gotta love reclining seats in a stroller. This is where he napped for the afternoon.
On Memorial Day we visited at Nana & Pop-Pop's house and then also at their Great Grandparent's house for dinner. They played with their cousins, Emily & Rachel. Here's Ryan with Emily.


TONYA said...

What a wonderful weekend. I love the pic of them in the swing together, so sweet.

Harris Boys said...

they are getting so big and so darn cute. gotta love the swing pic, just precious!!

Jodi said...

Absolutely darling kids... and I just love the photo of the two of them in the swing together. Precious!

BoufMom9 said...

Love the photos!
They look just adorable in the swing together!