Monday, August 11, 2008

What's New?

Kaylie & Ryan are enrolled in a 12 week Music Together class starting in September and ending in November. Still wondering how I will do it myself with them. My only saving grace is that a friend of mine will have her daughter in the class as well and might be able to lend a hand if needed. I'll have to don my SuperM.O.M. cape (as another blogger put it) on Wednesdays.

Ryan has another tooth, bringing him up to 8. Still waiting for one year molars however. Kaylie still sits at 6 and no molars.

Ryan is basically running now. Still topples over here and there and loves to land on wall corners much to our dismay. Kaylie has begun walking with the walker and just wants to stand up all the time. Ryan was like that, so it should be a few more weeks before she is walking I suppose. She gets so mad when the walker gets stuck on something.

Ryan got his second haircut. He was much better than the first time around. I think because this hairdresser didn't use the trimmer and I told her not to put the cape on him. I just had a change of clothes with me.

I joined the Jersey Shore Chapter of Moms of Multiples. I'm hoping to reach out to other M.O.M.s and looking forward to going on some playdates this fall.

These pictures are with the SLR but everytime I seem to pick up that camera, they act up or become obsessed with touching it.


Linda said...

I love that first photo of Ryan. You're really in for it soon now that Kaylie is about to walk!!! It'll be fun though seeing both of them running around. :-)

the schirano triplets said...

oh how fun! i want to sign my babies up for a music class too, but i have NO idea how in the heck that would even work with 3 babies and 1 mama! it sounds like a lot of fun though, i bet you will love it!

love that second pic!

Harris Boys said...

kuddos for taking them to a music class alone...I was always too scared. hope the kiddos love it, I'm sure they will :)

love that 2nd pic...great job

BoufMom9 said...

Great pictures!
I know you will enjoy meeting other MOMs. I just love getting to not only compare notes, but getting to see so many twins in different ages to get an idea of what's to come. LOL