Sunday, August 31, 2008

About Our Vacation

We took a trip to Long Beach Island, NJ with Nana & Pop Pop, Aunt Amy & Uncle Steve, and cousins Rachel & Emily.

Here is the sunrise that greeted us each morning. Most of our vacation days were spent at the beach. Why else go to the shore right? Kaylie took a day to warm up to the sand but after that she liked to play in it. Surprisingly, they didn't eat as much sand as I thought they would. We spent most of our mornings on the beach and then headed up to the house for lunch and naps.

One morning we went to Barnegat Lighthouse, AKA "Old Barney." You can climb to the top and I have in the past, but with kids in tow, it wasn't an option. Bob took the picture of the lighthouse and it is one of my favorite pictures. Could be a postcard right?

Here we all are, minus Bob who was taking the picture.

We headed over to the shops at Beach Haven and took in the view of the bay.

Bob & I were able to get out for dinner and some walks by ourselves. (Thank you Nana & Pop Pop) We also went jet skiing. I admit to being apprehensive about going (hmm...does Kaylie get this from me?) but I ended up fully enjoying it. Kaylie & Ryan enjoyed spending time with everyone. We had beautiful weather all week and enjoyed ourselves.

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Harris Boys said...

so glad you guys had a great time and that the kiddos liked the water and the sand. we were surprised the boys didn't try to eat more either :)