Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pics of the Week

I've really been slacking in the picture department. I haven't done any SLR practice and now I practically forget everything I learned. Ryan got a new pair of sneakers and sandals this weekend. He is now a size 5 WIDE which limits my shoe selection quite a bit. Also let me say that it is hard to find sandals in August! All the fall stuff is out in the stores.

Maybe not a big deal to anyone else out there, but Ryan finally started clapping. Yesterday he did it one time and today he did it too after seeing me do it and asking him to do it! We were getting really worried about this "milestone." Now let the waving and pointing begin please!!

Kaylie has taken to tackling Ry. She is relentless about it. Sometimes he takes it and other times he wants nothing to do with her on him.

Here he was happy to oblige.

Ryan has discovered books. His favorites are Brown Bear, Brown Bear and some other lift the flap type of books. We read them over and over so much that I have some memorized.

Ry decided to use his dinner as hair gel here. Hard to see.

I brought out the Leap Frog fridge phonics and randomly put the letters up and you can see it spelled out x-men. weird right? Kaylie wasn't happy having them on the door. She needed to get every single one on the floor like it was a sickness. We aren't quite ready for these. We'll try again another time.

Last night we bought them these tunnels and play huts that pop up. Another ehhh type of toy. Not quite ready for these either. Kaylie and Ryan got in but wouldn't crawl through the tunnel.

Kaylie giving her best cheeseball smile.

And this one just because she is so cute.


Harris Boys said...

we love those magnet letters too...the boys still pull them all off and them put them back on and repeat.

get that slr camera back out and keep praciting...your pics were great! :)

the schirano triplets said...

i agree with katie about the pics & the slr :)

though these were pretty darn cute too!

Linda said...

YAY for the clapping!!! I love the pic of Kaylie in the tunnel. I'm sure they'll love it soon. Keep trying with the SLR. Your first round of pics were great!

BoufMom9 said...

Great pics! They are just getting so 'big"!
LOL about it being a sickness to get the letters to the floor! hahahaha

I know what you mean about not being able to find summer stuff anywhere! I went into a hallmark store today and they had CHRISTMAS stuff!

cat said...

Great going - with the clapping! And love those tunnels etc. And off course - cute photos. Just darling.

Jared & Becky said...

Hey! We just got the leap frog letters also! They are great. Adorable pics and YAY for the clapping. The boys aren't pointing yet either and I just read something about them pointing to their nose, eyes, mouth at this point. We are SO not there but our devel. assessment is coming so I guess we will see if there are any concerns.

4under3 said...

1. Love the tackle picture.
2. Love that you put up a paper that tells how old they are in the picture. Can I try that too?


tbonegrl said...

OMG are they not the cutest things in the whole world???!!! Hooray for clapping!!!