Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Now Standing

Kaylie stood by herself for the first time today! YAY! She did it for about 20 seconds but hey it's a start. She kept wanting to do it like she was making the connection "Hey, this is neat. I am upright, not holding on to anything, but not falling." That is a good sign.


the schirano triplets said...

yay kaylie, way to go! you know it isn't long before she attempts walking now :)

and i sear that cameron thought the exact same, this is cool!

cat said...

Congratulations. Now onto walking in no time, I'm sure.

Harris Boys said... step at a won't be long :)

Joanne (Jo-Jo) said...

yay, kay is standing!!!! As you said, pretty soon she will be chasing after Ryan! I am so excited for her. Please give her a big kiss for me and also to Ryan.

Linda said...

Go Kaylie!!!