Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pics of the Week

When it's 95 degrees out, we beat the heat by blowing bubbles in the house. Very hard to blow bubbles and get a good picture, but there you go.
A new thing we started is Pillow Time. I put all the couch pillows & Boppies on the floor and they climb all over them. Kaylie LOVES this, Ryan too, but she gets SUPER-excited about it.

The "OK" Corral- I call this contraption the OK Corral because I know they are safe in the fenced in area. It's a Superyard XT that we picked up at a consignment sale. I think it retails for $65 or something and I got this just like new one for $20! Can't beat that. It has 6 panels, but I need to get the extension kit to make it two panels larger so they have more room. K liked the new digs, but Ry whined to get out the whole time.


Harris Boys said...

baby jail is what I call those we have one very got a steal for yours..they are pretty expensive!

TONYA said...

We LOVE our superyard. We purchased 3 of them and had them connected together running around the perimiter of the living room for ages. We now just use one broken into pieces to section off our bar and to wrap around our Entertainment system and fireplace.

linda98ny (nestie) said...

I love the idea of pillow time! I might have to steal that idea from you when they get bigger. Lucky you finding the superyard on sale like that. I'm looking for one too.