Monday, June 16, 2008

Another First!

We took another trip to the shore on Sunday. Kaylie and Ryan had their first dip in a pool!! Ryan loved it but then became infatuated with the stones in the driveway. We think he thought they were giant Puffs. He was actually throwing tantrums because we wouldn't let him eat them. Go figure! Kaylie was not too sure of the situation at all. She clung to the side and just tried to figure it all out. Eventually she started whining to get out. It took about 20 minutes to get them ready to go swimming, (not including the time spent blowing up the pool, & filling the pool earlier in the day), and the whole experience lasted 10 minutes MAX! Yeesh.


TONYA said...

Hence my need to purchase $5 pools from Babies R Us that don't need to be blown up. I went out of my mind last summer blowing up pools that would be used for 10 minutes, I'd have to get the water out and deflate them again and start all over again a few days later, ugh.

Jared & Becky said...

Hope everyone feels better soon! I love the rocks=giant puffs funny how their little minds work. Also I had to laugh at your pics of the week post b/c I just picked up the superyard on Saturday. I am bummed though b/c we paid $40. Oh well the boys love it right now b/c it is something different. I also plan to do the pillow thing. Genius!!!

BoufMom9 said...

LOL about the stones! Mine both STILL try to eat them!
Hey! The next time you head to the shore, maybe we could meet up at the boardwalk????
:) Debi