Monday, April 27, 2009

Pics of the Week

Just a few pictures from the weekend...

Smilin' Ry for a change.

What do you mean they don't fit?

I call this one Should We or Shouldn't We?
They are about to take the step from driveway to street (which is a HUGE No-No!!) They actually didn't for a change.

Budding Picassos
What I find amazing is that they don't put the chalk in their mouths like they do crayons.


Becky said...

So cute! Don't you love being able to get outside with them?

Christa said...

Awesome pics Liz! I LOVE the one of Kaylie with the Potato Head glasses. I was cracking up. I am also really impressed at that picture they made with the chalk;)

Linda said...

Wow, did Ryan draw that tree and cat? ;-) Love the picture of K with the little mini glasses!

Rachael said...

what cute pictures, i love the glasses! i cannot believe they didn't take that step, that is awesome!

cat said...

Wow, cute pics! Is that Mr Potatoe head's glasses?