Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter 2009

I guess I should blog about Easter huh? Just a tad late.
We hosted Easter dinner at our home. I guess it has become a tradition at this point. I think this was our fourth year. Despite it being April, it was pretty cold here that day.

Here are Kaylie & Ryan in their Easter outfits.

We had an egg hunt with the cousins. Ryan & Kaylie only found a few eggs but they enjoyed it. They would have been happy with one egg. My 6 year old nephew thought it would be fun to see who could find the eggs the fastest. Guess who won? Needless to say toddlers move quick but they have nothing on a 6 year old.

They received a few Easter presents. Here they are thoroughly enjoying the Easter baskets given to them by Nana. Does that grass stuff just multiply or what? It is endless when trying to clean up.


Becky said...

Adorable outfits! The boys weren't big into the hunting for eggs thing. We also conveniently left the candy at Aunt Mindy's. She is still complaining about all the chocolate in her house! Better her than me I say!

Linda said...

They both look beautiful!!! I love the outfits and they look like they had a great time.