Thursday, September 18, 2008

September Shore

After music class, we headed to Grandma and Pop Pop's shore house where they are on vacation. Ryan & Kaylie went up to the beach for some sand castle making. At one point we were surrounded by seagulls who must have spied the three goldfish crackers we tossed to the side. Eeek! We also stayed overnight. It was so nice to be at the shore in the "off-season." No traffic or crowds. This was the first September I could experience this since all my other Septembers were spent teaching. Except for last year but we were in baby bootcamp and only managed a day trip that I hardly remember. In fact, I had to go back to look at my photos.

Which shovel Pop Pop?

Here they are this time last year.


Harris Boys said...

aww look at that last pic..too cute! looks like they really enjoyed the sand this year!! YAY

Linda said...

Glad you stayed over. What a change from last year!

cat said...

So nice to enjoy the beech in off season - we have just returned and had heaps of fun.