Monday, September 8, 2008

New Discoveries

Recently a lot of discoveries have been made around here...

First, I had a discovery of my own. Ok, maybe not a discovery--more like a revelation. It is something I knew I would have to face eventually but the reality of it hit today. I took the kids to the park today by myself. No biggie, I have done it before-- in the prewalk stage--which we are no longer in. We did OK until Ryan wanted out of the stroller. Then it became a nightmare. I had Kaylie on the baby swing while chasing after Ryan. He'd get far enough away for my liking and I would go run and pick him up (the whole time worried about Kaylie) and bring him back to the swing area. He HATED this and threw a fit (and he hates the swings too!).
I just get really nervous about someone taking my kids or the obvious something happening to them like getting hit by a swing or something. I realize that when I have two walkers the thought of going to the park alone (or anywhere for that matter) will be enough to make my skin crawl. It was a lot to handle so I did what any other MOM would do--- I decided it was time to go! Poor Kaylie didn't want to go, she was loving the swing and looking at everything. So then she had her fit while I tried to get her back in the stroller. Luckily the park isn't all that far from our house and we actually ended up staying longer than it took to get there. That's good right??
This makes me sad in a way. How do you deal with this? Two strong-willed toddlers going in two directions is not my forte.

Ryan before he started running away.

What I mostly saw of Ryan at the park.

Kaylie pointing to a dog. She is intrigued by them from a distance.

Moving on to other discoveries...the other night we finally put the two of them in the tub together. Ryan still protests actually sitting in the tub. Kaylie has gotten over her fear of the tub and happily sits and plays now. Kaylie discovered that Ryan has something she doesn't have if you get my drift. She was relentless about not leaving his parts alone. Needless to say bathtime ended as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, no pictures were taken but it did make us laugh.

The kids have discovered the kitchen drawers. They discovered them a long time ago but now they aren't so intrigued just by opening and closing them. Now they want to take out what's inside them. OY! Time to really get those drawer locks on. At least they were calm and quiet right?


the schirano triplets said...

oh my, you gotta love toddler discoveries!

Harris Boys said...

hehe...I think the kitchen cabinets are fun too..we put locks on our just started to become too much to clean up each day. we did give them one cabinet they are allowed in and they store their animals in there.

the park is still hard alone. now that the boys listen better its not too bad and I only go to parks that are closed in by a fence. I don't let them walk away, but it makes me feel a little better about the safety.

Jared & Becky said...

So cute. Btw the boys "discovered" each other in the tub too so I don't think it matters if they're boys or girls it is bound to happen eventually :)

* TONYA * said...

oh my. Yes the toddler age is just oh so fun isn't it.

I try to only go to fenced in playgrounds on my own at the moment ... unless I'm there with friends and I know that one of them will keep an eye on the child happily playing in the one spot while I take off after the runner.

BoufMom9 said...

I don't even attempt it right now (not with 5 toddlers! So NOT going to happen!)
I don't deal well with the whole possibility of danger thing. UGH!