Friday, September 5, 2008

15 Month Check Up

Ryan & Kaylie had their 15 month check up today.

Ryan weighs 24 lbs. 3 oz and is 32 1/4 inches long.
Kaylie is 18 lbs. 15 oz. 30 inches long.

We were hoping for her to be 20 pounds so we can turn her carseat, but she's not. We just have to wait a little longer. The doctor said she will be getting a whole bunch of teeth very soon. Her molars look ready to pop through. I know she's been chomping on her finger a lot lately, but she has been in good spirits and I wouldn't even know she was teething. That's my girl. Ryan on the other hand has been very whiney. I'm not sure what his deal is. Probably teething too. I've also noticed a little jealousy thing going on with him. If I hold Kaylie, then he comes over and tries to push her away. He doesn't want to share his mommy I guess.


Linda said...

Good luck with all of those teeth coming in! Sorry you can't turn her seat yet...pretty soon!

cat said...

I just hate teething - terrible process. Good luck! I am also waiting for my one little man to gain weight to turn around that carseat.