Saturday, April 10, 2010

Potty Training Update II

I will warn you: If you aren't into the whole potty training experience you might "glaze over" reading this novel. :) I wrote it mostly for other moms out there who are looking for potty training stories.

Well, since my last update about potty training, which you can read here, we have made leaps and bounds and we are almost fully trained. I say almost, because the pooping part is not coming-- well sort of.

I made the switch to pull-ups a few weeks ago, but they just used those as diapers, so the week before Easter I had them in a pull up in the morning and underwear for the afternoon. I'm not sure why I didn't go to full on underwear but I didn't. Maybe it was the fact that I had two kids to watch and bug about going to the bathroom. I don't know. This week, I just said, heck with it, we are going to wear underwear all day except for nap & nighttime. There were accidents, and some resistance to going (mostly by Ryan). But as each day went on, there were less & less, especially for Kaylie. She started telling me when she had to go by the end of the week and hasn't had an accident for two days now. Ryan still has at least one accident (maybe 2 if I forget to stay on top of him) a day, but that has come a long way from the 4-5 he was having. He seems to pee more often than Kaylie too. He still isn't waking up dry in the morning, unlike Kaylie. I see Kaylie being able to sleep in underwear long before him.

We have had two outings this week, other than playing outside (where I bring the potty out into the garage), where they wore underwear. A playdate and a birthday party. They did great at the playdate ( I had brought along our potty). They did great at the party too. It was at a banquet hall so they had a restroom. They were VERY interested in the restroom because for them it was the first time seeing a bathroom outside of a home. Ryan of course had to open and close the stall door a thousand times. He requested going to pee quite a few times I think just to check things out. Kaylie sat on the toilet a few times, but wouldn't do anything. She liked to visit often as well. The little stinker ended up holding her pee for 4 hours until we got home! I was sure she would pee in the car but nope! So that is the long winded way of saying they are doing well with peeing.

Now onto the pooping issue: Kaylie WILL NOT POOP! She is holding it for days and then goes in her underwear but she won't let you even try to put her on the toilet so I don't know what to do for her. M&M's are good motivators for her to pee, but nothing has worked for poops. I mean I'm ready to buy her first car and she won't bite. :) Ryan was resistant all week until TODAY! He pooped once a few weeks ago in my last update, but went again today. I think the key for him right now, is to let him go without underwear at the times he may poop. I know when he is going to go because he leaves the room like he wants privacy. I have to watch him like a hawk now and see if I can catch him. I figure the more I can catch him, the more he will get used to going on the toilet. But let me tell you, poop in the underwear is NO FUN to clean up! I hope Kaylie will try to poop on the potty once she sees Ryan doing it more. We shall see...

So we are almost there and I see the light at the end of this tunnel.

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