Sunday, February 21, 2010

Potty Training Update

On the potty training front: I think it's going pretty well. I often think to myself, "Why can't they just come trained already?" It's not an easy process--just imagine it doubled. I have to say they are making progress, but they are not yet trained.

I started just by having them try at night before bath. Ryan was consistent with that but Kaylie wasn't doing much. Then I started having them go first thing in the morning. Again, Ryan showed more of an interest so I stepped it up with him and we would try before nap. I asked him to go a few times throughout the day and he goes. Sometimes he tells me no, he doesn't want to go. He still doesn't TELL ME he has to go. That has only happened a few times, so I'm not sure what that means. He does say, "Want to try potty," which I think means the same thing as, "I have to go potty." Today we had a MAJOR breakthrough. Ryan POOPED for the first time!!! I can always tell when he is pooping because he goes into the other room. So this time, Bob caught him and took him to the potty. He did just the littlest thing, and said he was done. Clearly he was not since he didn't poop the day before. He got off and less than a minute later he yelled, "Have to go pee-pee!" (I'm ignoring the fact that he thought he was peeing and he really pooped.) and ran to the toilet. Ok yeah I know that was too much information for a lot of you. Sorry!

For a few weeks there, Kaylie refused to even sit on it. But she has come around since and has peed more. We of course have to do the Pee Pee Dance and give high fives and even an M&M here and there. She gets excited after she goes and is proud. So I am just encouraging that. I think she is deathly afraid of pooping on the potty, besides that fact that she stands up to poop and it takes her 15 minutes--or at least she doesn't move for that long. I'm not sure how to get her to poop. She was afraid of peeing at first.

This week I switched over to pull-ups but to be quite honest, they just treat those like diapers too. Although Kaylie is really into not letting the picture on the front disappear (it disappears if they pee in it). At times I just let them hang out in underwear. They like this but I am constantly worried about the couch! Ultimately, I think I'm going to just have to do the underwear thing and clean up the accidents. Hopefully it will only take a few and then they will get it. But for now, I will say that they are progressing nicely.


cat said...

We are also doing ok - one basically trained and the other too scared to poop. Interesting, I have always heard that girls are easier than boys.

Annie said...

Pott training is a hard process. I try it two times last year and don't worked so, I wait. On January we started again and it works and now they are potty trained.

Last Saturday, we let them took their nap with panties and they don't had any accidents. At this moment they are napping (well, singing) so let's see what's happen.

If you want to check my blog, feel free to do it, you are welcome.

Have a nice week and good luck.

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

You are progressing much more quickly than I am. I am stopping for a few weeks again. The boys don't even want to put on underwear. They prefer diapers. Lord, help me! :)