Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Holidays

My apologies to anyone who has me in their blogroll and had to look at Merry Christmas for over a month! I'm really slipping with this blog thing. First, I was waiting for my husband to get the pictures off his camera and fix them up. Then I started doing Wii Fit during naptime so there went some of my free time. Then there is the just plain old tired excuse.

Anyway, for posterity's sake, our holidays were nice. The kids 'got it' this year. They left milk and cookies for Santa and woke up to a slew of presents. They enjoyed visiting family and of course opening more presents. Some of their favorite gifts were dress up clothes, remote control cars, toy laptops, a piano/guitar and a train set. I'm sure some of the details have faded already and I am kicking myself for waiting so long to write this. It was a very nice Christmas and they still mention the things that Santa gave them. I'm sure next year will be different, but this year we had to coax them into opening the other gifts. They were happy playing with their first gift.

Pictures may be added at a different time. Sorry.

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