Sunday, March 21, 2010

Meet Stripe

Stripe is Ryan's blankie. He is attached to it big time. This little love affair began around September. I never gave them blankets until we went on vacation at the end of August. There was a pack of two fleece blankets--a light blue one and Stripe. I only took the blue one on vacation and I saw that he really liked the feel of the fleece. When we got home I put both in the crib. So from then on he has grown a love for Stripe, while still sleeping with the blue blanket as well. Sometimes both come out of the crib. He lets Kaylie have the blue one, but Stripe is THE ONE! THE ONE that he cries for. THE ONE that Kaylie can't touch. I do not want to find out what happens when we don't have Stripe for sleeping time. Thus my rule that Stripe does not leave the house.

Ryan gives Stripe hugs, kisses and pets it. He says he loves Stripe and says that Stripe is nice. He loves the "shiny side" and it has to be facing up when he gets covered with it. Ryan is also known for whipping it around and hitting people too--oops! (Sometimes Stripe gets taken away because of this and you can imagine the tears). There have been some tug-o-wars with this blanket as well. I have actually caught myself calling this blanket a "him." Saying things like, "Where is he?" as we are searching all over the house before bed and naptime. Washing Stripe is difficult. It has to be done with stealth and a lot of prayer that "he" (did that accidentally so I left it) isn't missed. This means that unfortunately it doesn't get washed too often. I dread the day when it falls apart and cannot be repaired. I'm curious to see how long he will have this infatuation with Stripe. For now, it's the cutest thing in the world to see Ryan snuggle with his lovey.


Christa said...

Awwwwww! How stinkin cute! A love between a boy and his blankie:)

Anonymous said...

Hey, his Dad had a blanky too. You should get a picture of Bob with his blanky from mom and post it next to Ryan with his! Must be hereditary.

cat said...

Oh it's cute. My kids all have some form of sleep partner of the soft and fleecy variety.