Sunday, March 7, 2010

February Happenings

Aside from the snow we had this month we've been doing our best to survive winter. We do our usual weekly trips to the library, continuing speech sessions, errands, and we finally had a few playdates this month!

The kids are officially enrolled in Nursery School. I don't know what else to say about it. Obviously I have the feeling of "My babies are growing up" and then I have the feeling--well I will finally get some time for just ME! I hope that doesn't sound selfish but I don't get much time for myself and I am looking forward to finding Liz again. We are still waiting to find out if they qualify for the public school preschool program due to their speech delay but in the meantime I needed to secure a spot for them elsewhere.

As for their speech delay, we have made leaps and bounds. They may not even qualify for services after their March review which is scheduled for this week. So we shall see. I will say that this month I found them having more and more conversations with each other. It's really cute.

Here they are baking cookies. They love to help, but they HATE waiting for them to bake. Don't we all? My kids pretty much think every cookie we make HAS TO have sprinkles on it. Here are chocolate chip cookies getting topped with sprinkles.

I actually haven't taken too many pictures this month.


Linda said...

Looks like they loved it! Love their gear!

Annie said...

Looks like they love to bake!

cat said...

LOL! It is exactly what my kids think - everything needs sprinkles.