Saturday, April 10, 2010

Prelude to Easter

In the weeks leading up to Easter, the kids attended an Easter egg hunt at Grandma's work. They posed for a picture with the Easter Bunny--just standing next to him. They didn't want to get on his lap and as usual didn't want to smile either. After, we visited with Grandma & Pop Pop and played in their yard.

We also dyed Easter eggs for the first time. They were really into it and loved watching them turn colors. I should have boiled more than a dozen eggs, but no one in our house eats them so I didn't want to waste them. They didn't even want to try a taste.

I love how you can see Ryan's excitement as he drops an egg into the dye.

Ok and this has nothing to do with Easter, but it happened last month. Since they love her music so much, we took them to The Laurie Berkner Band Birthday concert. We saw them last year as well. Our seats were great--4th row & center! Ryan sat mesmerized by the lights and instruments for most of the concert. Kaylie seemed to enjoy it too although she didn't do any singing or dancing. She gets super quiet when we are in places with a lot of action going on--or anywhere for that matter. She is the shyest girl ever!

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Linda said...

She is SO not the shyest girl ever!
Great photos. There is no way mine would even get close to that bunny. WTG K and R!